Ideas In Motion


Apply to Ideas In Motion!

Inspiration – Choreography – Dancers – Lighting – Staging – Performance

Ideas In Motion is the student choreography showcase at PACC. 

Ideas In Motion gives young dancers a chance to immerse themselves in a full, creative process.

Ideas In Motion is truly a rare and rich learning experience at an unusually early age.

Ideas In Motion is about the creation of a performed dance piece.

Ideas In Motion aligns fully with the PACC philosophy of encouraging students to

“work hard and become the best they can be.”

Step 1: Apply! To apply complete the application linked below. Share your brilliant ideas! The application starts this process. Use it to conceptualize the mood, the movement quality, the music of the piece. Find your dancers & use your imagination!! Envision!!

Step 2: Meet with Caroline! Caroline Fermin is the director of the Ideas In Motion showcase. After a few consults with Caroline, students are ready to begin bringing their idea to life. Though independent work is encouraged, students continue infrequent & as needed check-ins with Caroline until the ultimate performance.

Step 3: Schedule Rehearsals & Create Staging! Book studio space at no cost for dance rehearsals! PACC has abundant resources fully available to fuel this process of creativity. PACC will help edit music. PACC makes the costume shop available: the choreographers get the opportunity to think about what costumes look like, what they feel like, how they move, how this impacts their particular piece. PACC helps with lighting cues: students are picking their colors, their silhouettes, front lights and side lights.

Step 4: Performance! Ideas In Motion in the PACC Black Box Theater with a full audience is both an exhilaration and a challenge. There are the emotions and motions of a real choreographer. They have handled a “piece”: rehearsals, time, production.They have faced real-life challenges, part of maturing as a dancer! The crowd arrives and it’s an empowering, fun show; the reward is in the performance itself. A final “selected piece” will be further showcased.

At PACC, we believe some things you learn best by doing, and this is an opportunity to do just that…What an amazing opportunity for dancers to reach their limitless potential.

We hope you will join us!

Apply here:



Pointe Readiness


PACC Ballet Conservatory

Dear Dancers and Parents,

Pointe is a rewarding and beautiful expression of ballet that also demands discipline and dedication.  For any dancer who is interested in exploring it, either now or in the future, here is a brief overview of PACC’s pointe program and teaching philosophy.

Below you will find a wealth of knowledge pertaining to our pointe program.  If you are interested in pointe, we encourage you to take a free trial of Jonathan’s pre-pointe class Thursday 4-5:00 PM. 

Every year in the spring, we offer pointe evaluations and encourage all interested ballet students to attend.

Readiness for pointe is assessed based on two major factors:  technical ability and physical maturity.  A dancer must have reached a certain level of technique – in general, around a Ballet 3 – and be comfortable with the syllabus both intellectually (ie, understand what a term means) and physically (ie, have integrated that movement or position into muscle memory).  In addition, a dancer must possess the physical strength necessary to go on pointe without compromising either their technique or their safety.

Some elements that are considered during a pointe evaluation are:

  • Core strength
  • Sense of balance
  • Alignment and head-tail connection
  • Ability to maintain proper posture and turnout while working both at the barre and in the center
  • Strength of the feet and ankles
  • Ability to roll up from flat through releve and onto demi pointe while keeping the arches of the feet strong and lifted, and keeping weight centered on the ball of the foot

A dancer who is ready to begin pointe generally begins with a year or two of Pre-Pointe, which is a class taken in flats (regular ballet shoes) that focuses on increasing the strength and technique needed for pointe.   All students enrolled in Pre-Pointe will be assessed at the end of the dance year and given their recommendations for next year.  Students who continue to take ballet classes over the summer can request a re-evaluation in September.

A dancer who is recommended to move to Beginner Pointe is referred to a reputable dance store where they can be fitted for pointe shoes by a professional.

Sometimes, a dancer may have reached a point where their technique is at the appropriate level for pointe but their strength is not, or vice versa.  This is very common.  It is also very important to remember that growth spurts can temporarily affect a dancer’s core strength, sense of balance, and body awareness, which may, in turn affect their readiness for pointe.

This is absolutely not a reflection on their work ethic or ability, nor is it a predictor of future progress or an indication that they will never dance en pointe.  It simply means that pointe is not the best option for them at this time in their dance career.

We encourage students to keep working, learning, growing, and having fun, regardless of whether they go en pointe or not, whether they fall in love or decide it’s not for them.  There are many, many forms of dance – all equally challenging, rewarding, and expressive – and pointe is only one of them.

Teachers are always available to give advice and offer exercises to help build strength at home or to refine technique.

If you are interested in beginning pointe, please speak to your ballet instructor or ask at the front desk.  Depending on your teacher’s recommendation, you would be welcome to attend Pre-Pointe as a free trial class and evaluation.

For anyone who is looking to improve strength, turnout, flexibility, posture, and alignment – whether you are already en pointe, considering auditioning this year, or just looking to complement your progress in ballet class – we strongly recommend the Thursday Ballet Conditioning & Stretch class from 8:00-9:00 pm, taught by Jonathan Mendez.  Again, all students interested are welcome to attend class as a free trial before deciding to officially enroll.

Our goal is a happy, healthy, well-rounded dancer who is challenged to grow and explore his or her own expression of dance while still being supported and nurtured in a safe environment.  We take ballet and pointe very seriously and put our dancers’ well-being first above all else.

As always, our door is open and we welcome questions, concerns, and insights.  We are here to help you help your dancer have a full and rewarding dance career, whether for a year or for a lifetime!

Thank you from everyone at PACC!


Performing Arts Center of Connecticut, LLC18 Lindeman Drive, Trumbull, CT 06611

18 Lindeman Drive, Trumbull, CT 06611

203-372-ARTS   Fax: 203-372-2788



A Winter Ballet! Auditions Sunday, September 25th!


A Winter Ballet

Join us at PACC on Sunday, September 25th for A WINTER BALLET AUDITIONS!

This annual performance includes Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker” and original choreography to seasonal holiday favorites! Performance fee $300 per dancer.

Please arrive up to 30 minutes early to complete an application, get measured for costumes, and receive an audition number. Bring pointe shoes if appropriate.

Audition fee is $10.


Ages 7-10: 12-1 pm

Ages 11-13: 1-2 pm

Ages 14+: 2-3 pm

Performances Saturday, December 3rd @ 1pm and 7pm at Trumbull High School!

Email us at or call us at 203-372-2787 with any questions!

Fall 2016 Letter from The Director


Dear Performers & Families:

It seems summer has flown by, and we are already beginning a new year at PACC! For some, this is a continuation of a long career here, while for others it is just the beginning.  For those of us who are returning for our second year, we are no longer the new kids but veterans of a truly artistic endeavor that began the moment we walked through PACC’s doors.

At PACC, we welcome all performers, new and seasoned. We help each other grow and welcome all into our circle of friends as artistic colleagues.  We celebrate each other’s successes and build each other up after challenging moments.  What we do here brings us together, making everyone feel like they have the support they need to take on the world — whether during performance on a stage, or throughout day-to-day life.

PACC relies on your great experience to help promote our programs. Please tell friends, bring new faces through our doors for FREE Trial Classes, and help us bring great art to our community! We are here because of your support. It means so much to us when we hear from new PACC students and families that their friends, a PACC family, made our introduction.  We are proud to have the opportunity to show your friends just what makes us so special!

PACC is what we all make of it.  How we approach each class, from the moment we arrive through PACC’s doors, to our entry into a class, to the conclusion of a night, a week, or a year of hard work is up to us.  If we all strive together to provide a welcoming, exciting, and excellent experience, we will succeed together.  We have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a community of truly dedicated artists and performers, an opportunity that just may become part of the most influential and exciting times of our lives.  

Remember to take time to enjoy every day, and to bring the best of yourselves through our doors, Remember to trust your instructors! Everyone at PACC is unique, and interesting, and together we will explore and perform a spectrum of emotion like no other.  PACC is here to help you find the peak of your own performance abilities, and to help you reach your goals, whether you are to become a professional performer or to live art filled lives.

Life is a stage, so lets make a performance worthy of a standing ovation and have some fun, too! 



Thank you!

Alex Vishno

Executive Director

Summer Theater & Dance Kick Off!

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We hope that you are enjoying the sun and getting to the pool, the beach, nature, and whatever recharges you outside after an amazing dance season. We are excited to kick off Summer Theater Song & Dance here at PACC!

The Summer Theater Song & Dance Performance Intensive offers kids who love to sing & dance & act the chance to learn a choreographed numbers and take them all the way to the stage in our newly renovated black box theater! Spending each day with a musical theater dance class, acting exercises & games, vocalization work, and then rehearsals for performance is a great experience!

Children have the satisfying experience of making something magical come to life in a creative group in just one week. You have  the opportunity to gather and see the fruits of their creative work in a final performance that is sure to be a memorable  2016 summer highlight this Friday July 29 at 3:30pm sharp in PACC’s Black Box!

It’s lit! This summer we are including many exciting pieces such as: Mary Poppins – Frozen – Hairspray – Peter Pan – Wizard of Oz – Sound of Music – Grease – Annie – Little Mermaid – Finnean’s Rainbow. You will have to stop by to see what they have whipped up this Friday!
Instructors: Nikole Lachioma, Sindy Folgar, Peter Randazzo & Karen Randazzo

YAGP 2016

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Boston was nothing short of a fantastic adventure where a huge group of PACC performers hit the stage at this years Youth American Grand Prix Dance competition.  Every performer representing PACC was wonderful and our kids felt great about their time on stage.

There are so many highlights, Please post yours below!!!!

Starting on Thursday night while some of our soloists hit the stage, PACC students rushed out of class to catch fellow dancers on the webcast.  Everyone at PACC cheered with excitement as our soloists captured the room through the big screen. These students are so supportive of one another it is absolutely terrific.  The web cast crew caught Kaya Indyk and Harrison Jarit taking  the stage. They captured our hearts, Kaya owned the stage and Harrison exploded through every jump! He was later offered a scholarship to a summer intensive at Orlando Ballet!


Another highlight was Cheddi Dillon’s solo performance on Friday night. He nailed it taking third place and was greeted shortly after by the judges and others throwing opportunities his way! Cheddi was incredibly agile on stage performing a piece called “The Scientist” by Nikole Lachioma in the contemporary category. Watch out for Cheddi as he takes the dance world by storm throughout his career!

A third highlight was the Tarantella group piece. Dancing, smiling, being in sync, and infecting the judges and audience with this piece choreographed by Andrei Kisselov, you can catch them at NYC YAGP Finals in April! Stay tuned, they have bumped up the rehearsal schedule, and are upping their game in prep to put their best foot down on the dance floor!

A fourth highlight was Olivia Lagano’s solo, also called “Tarantella” choreographed by Susan Brooker.  Olivia’s hard work and excellent technique earned her a top twelve finish in her category! We congratulate her on this terrific accomplishment and cannot wait to see her continue to grow into a superb performer!

Special thanks are in order for our performers & ensembles and to our choreographers including Nikole Lachioma, Susan Brooker, Andrei Kisselov, and Sindy Folgar. Additionally we have to thank Beth Skvorc and Cathi Lachioma, who are the organizational experts behind the scenes helping with costumes and much more.

Please share your highlights with us! There are many more!!


PACC’s Music Release!

Have a listen to our very own talented Ava Gallo, who connected with me here at PACC to record a cover of Florence & The Machine’s “Shake It Out.

We built these tracks from scratch right here in PACC’s new recording studio!  Over the course of several recording sessions we orchestrated and tracked guitars, synthesizers, drums, bass and vocals with many harmonies. Finally we mixed everything and put our production under the microscope of the recording studio.

The result is a terrific rendition of this song that we are proud to share!

Please share it with any musical friends and let them know that PACC is growing its repertoire in the arts bit by bit and we are looking for young musicians who want to expand their own capabilities through recording and performing music.


Injury Prevention @ PACC

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Dance is not only an art form, but also an extremely athletic endeavor. Dancers push their bodies to be more graceful and powerful at the same time. Their movements are specialized and their bones are protected by finely tuned ligaments and muscles which are strengthened daily through technique classes.  At PACC we recognize how important not only training is to a dancers success, but also developing knowledge about their own anatomy and how it relates to dance.

Last week PACC’s corps ballet dancers had a terrific visit with Samara DiMattia, founder of Connecticut Dance Physical Therapy. Samara taught everyone about their bodies, how specifically they relate to dance, the typical areas to watch for injuries, and how to work on those areas to prevent injury.  The students had such a fun time not only learning but evaluating each other through a specialized evaluation sheet designed for dancers.  They smiled and laughed as they tested each others flexibility, turn-out and strength.  They took yet another step together in their journey as dancers, as a family, as a brother/sisterhood, by embracing knowledge and expanding their understanding of dance and health together.

Thank you Samara for joining us!  Hope to have you join us once again soon,

-The PACC Team




Summer Programs Announced!

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Winter ended a bit early, and we are all set for another fantastic summer here at PACC! We have continued some summer favorites, and innovated some exciting new programs as well!
Please join us and become a summer performer at PACC!  Most of our programs are geared towards actual performances where kids get on stage and show friends and families their stuff. Join us at PACC and you will be one step closer to living your dreams and being on stage.

Click here to view our summer programs page

Click Here to get registered online!





YAGP around the corner!

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Just a week away, PACC performers are getting in their last rehearsals, private lessons, and practice sessions as we embark on a trip to Boston to join the Youth America Grand Prix ballet competition!  The opportunity to focus on an event with the payoff of a trip to bean-town/enjoying a big city as a traveling performer is so exciting, and we get to do it as a team, as a family, and as a support system.  Recently we had the opportunity to see many of our performers test out their stage skills in PACC’s own recently updated Black Box theater, and the result was a fantastic night of hard work turned into artistic expression.  Congrats to all our performers for all their efforts leading up to YAGP! Take a breath, and rest assured that no matter what happens in Boston, you have already succeeded in putting yourself up to a terrific challenge and working it through to the very end.

Sending all the love and support of our PACC family to you for this exciting experience! You have already made us proud, now go have fun!