Injury Prevention @ PACC

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Dance is not only an art form, but also an extremely athletic endeavor. Dancers push their bodies to be more graceful and powerful at the same time. Their movements are specialized and their bones are protected by finely tuned ligaments and muscles which are strengthened daily through technique classes.  At PACC we recognize how important not only training is to a dancers success, but also developing knowledge about their own anatomy and how it relates to dance.

Last week PACC’s corps ballet dancers had a terrific visit with Samara DiMattia, founder of Connecticut Dance Physical Therapy. Samara taught everyone about their bodies, how specifically they relate to dance, the typical areas to watch for injuries, and how to work on those areas to prevent injury.  The students had such a fun time not only learning but evaluating each other through a specialized evaluation sheet designed for dancers.  They smiled and laughed as they tested each others flexibility, turn-out and strength.  They took yet another step together in their journey as dancers, as a family, as a brother/sisterhood, by embracing knowledge and expanding their understanding of dance and health together.

Thank you Samara for joining us!  Hope to have you join us once again soon,

-The PACC Team