Fall 2016 Letter from The Director


Dear Performers & Families:

It seems summer has flown by, and we are already beginning a new year at PACC! For some, this is a continuation of a long career here, while for others it is just the beginning.  For those of us who are returning for our second year, we are no longer the new kids but veterans of a truly artistic endeavor that began the moment we walked through PACC’s doors.

At PACC, we welcome all performers, new and seasoned. We help each other grow and welcome all into our circle of friends as artistic colleagues.  We celebrate each other’s successes and build each other up after challenging moments.  What we do here brings us together, making everyone feel like they have the support they need to take on the world — whether during performance on a stage, or throughout day-to-day life.

PACC relies on your great experience to help promote our programs. Please tell friends, bring new faces through our doors for FREE Trial Classes, and help us bring great art to our community! We are here because of your support. It means so much to us when we hear from new PACC students and families that their friends, a PACC family, made our introduction.  We are proud to have the opportunity to show your friends just what makes us so special!

PACC is what we all make of it.  How we approach each class, from the moment we arrive through PACC’s doors, to our entry into a class, to the conclusion of a night, a week, or a year of hard work is up to us.  If we all strive together to provide a welcoming, exciting, and excellent experience, we will succeed together.  We have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a community of truly dedicated artists and performers, an opportunity that just may become part of the most influential and exciting times of our lives.  

Remember to take time to enjoy every day, and to bring the best of yourselves through our doors, Remember to trust your instructors! Everyone at PACC is unique, and interesting, and together we will explore and perform a spectrum of emotion like no other.  PACC is here to help you find the peak of your own performance abilities, and to help you reach your goals, whether you are to become a professional performer or to live art filled lives.

Life is a stage, so lets make a performance worthy of a standing ovation and have some fun, too! 



Thank you!

Alex Vishno

Executive Director