Ideas In Motion


Apply to Ideas In Motion!

Inspiration – Choreography – Dancers – Lighting – Staging – Performance

Ideas In Motion is the student choreography showcase at PACC. 

Ideas In Motion gives young dancers a chance to immerse themselves in a full, creative process.

Ideas In Motion is truly a rare and rich learning experience at an unusually early age.

Ideas In Motion is about the creation of a performed dance piece.

Ideas In Motion aligns fully with the PACC philosophy of encouraging students to

“work hard and become the best they can be.”

Step 1: Apply! To apply complete the application linked below. Share your brilliant ideas! The application starts this process. Use it to conceptualize the mood, the movement quality, the music of the piece. Find your dancers & use your imagination!! Envision!!

Step 2: Meet with Caroline! Caroline Fermin is the director of the Ideas In Motion showcase. After a few consults with Caroline, students are ready to begin bringing their idea to life. Though independent work is encouraged, students continue infrequent & as needed check-ins with Caroline until the ultimate performance.

Step 3: Schedule Rehearsals & Create Staging! Book studio space at no cost for dance rehearsals! PACC has abundant resources fully available to fuel this process of creativity. PACC will help edit music. PACC makes the costume shop available: the choreographers get the opportunity to think about what costumes look like, what they feel like, how they move, how this impacts their particular piece. PACC helps with lighting cues: students are picking their colors, their silhouettes, front lights and side lights.

Step 4: Performance! Ideas In Motion in the PACC Black Box Theater with a full audience is both an exhilaration and a challenge. There are the emotions and motions of a real choreographer. They have handled a “piece”: rehearsals, time, production.They have faced real-life challenges, part of maturing as a dancer! The crowd arrives and it’s an empowering, fun show; the reward is in the performance itself. A final “selected piece” will be further showcased.

At PACC, we believe some things you learn best by doing, and this is an opportunity to do just that…What an amazing opportunity for dancers to reach their limitless potential.

We hope you will join us!

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