Summer Theater & Dance Kick Off!

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We hope that you are enjoying the sun and getting to the pool, the beach, nature, and whatever recharges you outside after an amazing dance season. We are excited to kick off Summer Theater Song & Dance here at PACC!

The Summer Theater Song & Dance Performance Intensive offers kids who love to sing & dance & act the chance to learn a choreographed numbers and take them all the way to the stage in our newly renovated black box theater! Spending each day with a musical theater dance class, acting exercises & games, vocalization work, and then rehearsals for performance is a great experience!

Children have the satisfying experience of making something magical come to life in a creative group in just one week. You have  the opportunity to gather and see the fruits of their creative work in a final performance that is sure to be a memorable  2016 summer highlight this Friday July 29 at 3:30pm sharp in PACC’s Black Box!

It’s lit! This summer we are including many exciting pieces such as: Mary Poppins – Frozen – Hairspray – Peter Pan – Wizard of Oz – Sound of Music – Grease – Annie – Little Mermaid – Finnean’s Rainbow. You will have to stop by to see what they have whipped up this Friday!
Instructors: Nikole Lachioma, Sindy Folgar, Peter Randazzo & Karen Randazzo

YAGP 2016

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Boston was nothing short of a fantastic adventure where a huge group of PACC performers hit the stage at this years Youth American Grand Prix Dance competition.  Every performer representing PACC was wonderful and our kids felt great about their time on stage.

There are so many highlights, Please post yours below!!!!

Starting on Thursday night while some of our soloists hit the stage, PACC students rushed out of class to catch fellow dancers on the webcast.  Everyone at PACC cheered with excitement as our soloists captured the room through the big screen. These students are so supportive of one another it is absolutely terrific.  The web cast crew caught Kaya Indyk and Harrison Jarit taking  the stage. They captured our hearts, Kaya owned the stage and Harrison exploded through every jump! He was later offered a scholarship to a summer intensive at Orlando Ballet!


Another highlight was Cheddi Dillon’s solo performance on Friday night. He nailed it taking third place and was greeted shortly after by the judges and others throwing opportunities his way! Cheddi was incredibly agile on stage performing a piece called “The Scientist” by Nikole Lachioma in the contemporary category. Watch out for Cheddi as he takes the dance world by storm throughout his career!

A third highlight was the Tarantella group piece. Dancing, smiling, being in sync, and infecting the judges and audience with this piece choreographed by Andrei Kisselov, you can catch them at NYC YAGP Finals in April! Stay tuned, they have bumped up the rehearsal schedule, and are upping their game in prep to put their best foot down on the dance floor!

A fourth highlight was Olivia Lagano’s solo, also called “Tarantella” choreographed by Susan Brooker.  Olivia’s hard work and excellent technique earned her a top twelve finish in her category! We congratulate her on this terrific accomplishment and cannot wait to see her continue to grow into a superb performer!

Special thanks are in order for our performers & ensembles and to our choreographers including Nikole Lachioma, Susan Brooker, Andrei Kisselov, and Sindy Folgar. Additionally we have to thank Beth Skvorc and Cathi Lachioma, who are the organizational experts behind the scenes helping with costumes and much more.

Please share your highlights with us! There are many more!!


YAGP around the corner!

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Just a week away, PACC performers are getting in their last rehearsals, private lessons, and practice sessions as we embark on a trip to Boston to join the Youth America Grand Prix ballet competition!  The opportunity to focus on an event with the payoff of a trip to bean-town/enjoying a big city as a traveling performer is so exciting, and we get to do it as a team, as a family, and as a support system.  Recently we had the opportunity to see many of our performers test out their stage skills in PACC’s own recently updated Black Box theater, and the result was a fantastic night of hard work turned into artistic expression.  Congrats to all our performers for all their efforts leading up to YAGP! Take a breath, and rest assured that no matter what happens in Boston, you have already succeeded in putting yourself up to a terrific challenge and working it through to the very end.

Sending all the love and support of our PACC family to you for this exciting experience! You have already made us proud, now go have fun!