PACC’s Music Release!

Have a listen to our very own talented Ava Gallo, who connected with me here at PACC to record a cover of Florence & The Machine’s “Shake It Out.

We built these tracks from scratch right here in PACC’s new recording studio!  Over the course of several recording sessions we orchestrated and tracked guitars, synthesizers, drums, bass and vocals with many harmonies. Finally we mixed everything and put our production under the microscope of the recording studio.

The result is a terrific rendition of this song that we are proud to share!

Please share it with any musical friends and let them know that PACC is growing its repertoire in the arts bit by bit and we are looking for young musicians who want to expand their own capabilities through recording and performing music.


Summer Programs Announced!

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Winter ended a bit early, and we are all set for another fantastic summer here at PACC! We have continued some summer favorites, and innovated some exciting new programs as well!
Please join us and become a summer performer at PACC!  Most of our programs are geared towards actual performances where kids get on stage and show friends and families their stuff. Join us at PACC and you will be one step closer to living your dreams and being on stage.

Click here to view our summer programs page

Click Here to get registered online!





Guest Artist – Zoje Azeke

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This winter when PACC’s very own Filip Lacina, Hip-Hop Extraordinaire was in Paris for Fashion Week performances, he brought in a fantastic dancer and performer friend Zoje Azeke.  Zoje captured everyone bringing some styles and moves that were a fantastic compliment m Filip’s, and the students had a blast!  Zoje has a fantastic career, quite literally dancing with the stars (not the tv show) and inspired everyone to dig deep, learn more about all styles including ballet, which lead to better all around Hip-Hop dancing!

**Adult Hip Hop Ladies – The track you were dancing to is called “This is How I Feel” by Tank

Big thanks to Filip Lacina for bringing us a fantastic sub when he was performing abroad, and thank you Zoje for joining us at PACC!

Zoe’s bio and video links he sent us are below

Beyonce – Made In America

Nicki Minaj – Victoria Secret Fashion Show
Queen of the Night at the Diamond Horseshoe
The Get Down (Netflix)
Class Footage:
Class Footage:
***FOR THE MOM’S ☺️☺️☺️
Ehizoje Azeke Biography: 

Ehizoje Azeke (Zoje) is an performing artist living and working in NYC. He is signed to the dance divsion of MSA New York. As a dancer he has had the privilege of working with artists including Beyonce, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Joss Stone, Lil Mama, and Carrie Underwood. He is an original cast member of the immersive production QUEEN OF THE NIGHT at the DIAMOND HORSESHOE. He recently appeared in the feature films CARRY ME HOME (Cuba Gooding Jr), and BOLDEN.  He will also be appearing in VINYL (Martin Scorsese, HBO) and THE GET DOWN (Baz Luhrmann, Netflix). He was also a featured guest on MTV’s THE FRESHMEN for 6 seasons. Other important credits/clients include: America’s Best Dance Crews, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Nike, and Elle Magazine. 

Ehizoje Azeke also works in youth development. He is creator of TEAM Z, a free dance training program for preteen girls in NYC, and co-founder of the New York Youth Movement Collaborative (NYMC), a free development program for aspiring young dancers ages 14-21.